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Multi Page Experiment Post

When I was asked to do this I was excited because I have always been a huge comic book nerd much to the confusion and disappointment of my mother. A day after I accepted I panicked because I had absolutely no idea what to write. And I know there are people out there who are much more adept to review comics, I just read them.

Following those few days of panic, it dawned on me which comic series I should start with: the new Hawkeye series by Matt Fraction and David Aja.

Aja’s artwork style for this comic is very minimalist/art deco/seventies pop art which I will readily admit I was not a fan of in the beginning and therefore didn’t even bother to pick up. Over months of people looking at me askance when I told them I didn’t read the series followed by an indignant “why not” and a determined “read it. Ignore the art work, just read it” I finally went out and bought the first five issues in trade paperback and had the series added to my pull list. And still didn’t read it.

Last Sunday I finally took time to sit down and read the series.

I have never been more wrong about a series in my life.

Starting the series, the artwork still threw me off a bit but after three pages of the story line and plot I completely forgot about my personal art tastes. The writing and storyline is so engrossing and clever, the little reasons I turned my nose up to it at first ceased to matter over the entire package.