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Clint Barton may be an Avenger, but he lives in a run-down apartment complex with his dog and lives hand to mouth. He is an average New York bachelor with a not so average job. The comics don’t go into much of his work with the Avengers and in fact, with the exception of Tony and Natasha showing up in barely in a few issues, there isn’t much mention of the Avengers. Instead we are shown Clint’s life on an everyday basis…and the obstacles he tends to walk right into with eyes wide open. How he deals with his life, his job, women. The series delves into Barton becoming the unwilling people’s hero and how he deals with it.

Besides Clint, the reader is introduced to Kate Bishop, his apprentice also aptly named Hawkeye. A young, rich slightly spoiled girl in the beginning it is quickly proven that Kate is tenacious, dedicated and fearless. She’s almost as good with a bow as Clint and is not afraid to let everyone know what she thinks. The annual is dedicated solely to Kate and gives an insight on the young archer.
Pizza Dog aka Lucky is also a part of this series and even has his own issue, which, for an issue without very many actual words is cleverly done.

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